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CAA Gen 2 Micro Roni Conversion Extended Stabilizer Brace

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One of the current trends in the pistol market is the addition of frames and stabilizing braces to the firearms to assist one handed firing and overall shooting performance. In that market, one of the major designs is that of the Micro Roni, which fits a wide variety of handguns. With that said, the stabilizer that comes with the Micro Roni isn’t for everyone in terms of fit. Luckily, you’re not stuck with a possibly less than optimal fit from the original Micro Roni brace.

Now we have an option to better customize the fit of the Micro Roni with this CAA Gen 2 Micro Conversion Extended Stabilizer Brace. This stabilizing brace clips in where the standard brace fit in the Roni, and offers an extended length of pull measured from the braced point to the trigger. This also comes with a hook and loop closure to ensure a custom fit. Just like the standard version of the Micro Roni, this folds up into a nice, compact package making the overall piece of kit an excellent option for a truck or home defense gun that has a lot in common with, but not the legal headaches of, short barreled rifles in pistol calibers. Also like the original Micro Roni, this brace does not prevent the firearm from firing in the folded position, making it fast to deploy the weapon into action if necessary. The CAA Gen 2 Micro Conversion Extended Stabilizer Brace is one way to make your Micro Roni fit you as well as it possibly can.

Fits Micro Roni Chassis system
Folding Brace
Hook and Loop Closure

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