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Glock Compatible Slide Completion Kit
Complete and upgrade your slide components with this high-quality Glock compatible slide completion kit. They’re perfect for an upgrade or for completing your Polymer80 build. Gun engineering doesn’t get much better than this semi-automatic pistol. And you have full control over the engineering process when you build your own gun!

Nothing Beats a Great Design
The Glock design is manufactured with only 34 component parts. As one of the four primary parts on a semi-automatic pistol, the slide is interchangeable between different Glock compatible models. This is a major convenience when customizing your firearm. Thanks to tighter legislation and increasing issues of buying a gun the traditional way, more gun owners than ever are taking a DIY approach to owning a firearm and completing their slide assembly with our Glock slide completion kits. It is a testament to the simplicity of this pistol design and allows for greater quality control since you, as the gun owner, are putting your own effort into creating it yourself!

What’s Included
The slide is the upper portion of a semi-automatic pistol that chambers ammunition into the barrel and extracts the spent casing after the round is fired. These parts will finish out your stripped Glock compatible slide. Our slide completion kit includes all of the small internal parts needed to complete your slide assembly. This Glock slide parts kit includes:

Spring cups
Extractor Depressor Plunger Bearing
Channel liner
Striker spacer sleeve
Extractor Depressor Plunger Spring
Striker Safety Spring
Striker spring
4140 Striker Safety
4140 Extractor Depressor Plunger
17-4 MIM Stainless Striker
17-4 MIM Stainless Extractor
Recoil assembly
Channel liner tool.
Made in the USA!

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