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Hera Arms AK-47 BLACK CQR-47 Buttstock HERA12-2



You asked and Hera Arms listened. Ever since the release of the CQR (close quarter rifle) buttstock for the AR15, the firearms community has been waiting for an announcement for the AK47 version and it is finally here. Now you can add the lightweight, durable, compact, polymer stock to any standard stamped AK47 receiver. This stock is extremely easy to install and is made from a high strength, reinforced polymer that gives it a rigid, lightweight feel. The CQR takes many design ques from the P90 sub machine gun that can turn your rifle into a futuristic looking gun fit for any scenario. The thumbhole rifle stock is designed to be as short as possible for close quarter operations; although spacers are available to customize the length of pull to fit your shooting style. File for an sbr tax stamp and attach the Hera Arms CQR front grip and you have yourself an extremely small and capable semi-automatic rifle that looks cool as well.


  • Fits standard AK47 stamped receivers
  • Black reinforced polymer creates a rigid, lightweight stock
  • Customizable length of pull with spacers (not included)
  • Compact design for CQB engagements
  • Thumbhole stock with steep grip angle for better ergonomics
  • 4 Ambidextrous sling mounting options (2 QD, 2 standard)
  • Bottom mounted 1913 picatinny rail for mono pods

Not only is the CQR stock compact, but it is packed full of features like quick detach sling swivel points on both sides as well as regular sling attachment points. The bottom of the stock has a removable piece that covers the 1913 picatinny rail for attaching monopods which are useful for providing stability when taking long range shots. The grip angle is more steep than traditional grips because it allows for a more natural point of aim that is less fatiguing to hold over a long period of time. Everything on this stock was put there for a reason other than just looks and will make this an excellent choice for your next build.

Hera Arms is a German based company that creates and develops unique stocks, grips, handguards, and other accessories for the AR15, AR10, and Ak47 platforms. They got started designing parts for the SL8 weapon system but solidified their name in the firearms industry with the release of the P90 looking CQR stocks and grips for the AR15 rifle system and will continue to produce the types of products that people want. Hera Arms has worked with law enforcement and military consultants to design the best products possible for any situation.

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