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Meprolight M-21X Reflex Sight 1x 30mm X Reticle with Quick Release Picatinny-Style Mount Matte ML62661

Original price was: $547.32.Current price is: $479.99.


Allows the use of iron sights, co-witness
Uses no batteries
Illumination is achieved with fiber optic light collection during the day and tritium at night
Suitable for use with all night vision goggles and scopes
Quick detach throw lever mount picatinny mount
Includes neoprene scope cover

The MEPRO 21 reflex sights by Meprolight feature battery-free dual illumination. The large 30mm objective offers an unobstructed view when shooting with both eyes open. The sight is powered by a fiber optic collector in bright conditions and a tritium light source in low-light conditions. The quick release picatinny rail mount allows for fast attachment to rail-equipped firearms. Iron sights will co-witness on A3-style AR-15 rifles. Also designed to work with a red-dot magnifier. Includes a neoprene protective cover.

The Mepro 21 is a maintenance-free, dual illuminated, red dot reflex sight especially designed for quick and instinctive accurate shooting. Originally developed for the IDF, this advanced optical sight is great while on the move in close quarters where the use of both eyes is critical. The Mepro 21 provides instant, all light aiming without batteries, and can work in tandem with a magnifying scope. Adapters are available for all the common mounts (Weaver or Picatinny rails, M16 carry handle, NATO, etc).