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The Mepro foresight offers features and benefits to shooters across a wide range of disciplines – law enforcement, competitive, professional, and hunters – who want to upgrade their capabilities. The Mepro foresight is the first augmented red dot sight, projecting real-time data to the user’s FOV (Field of View). As a top-grade stand-alone optic, the foresight is powered by a rechargeable battery using the commonly utilized USB-C cable. Features include an internal compass, battery level indicator, five pre-set tactical reticles (which can be changed/ programmed according to the user’s preferences), an integrated light sensor that automatically determines reticle brightness. The Foresight is unique in that its bluetooth connectivity allows the shooter to select from the database of reticles and to update the sight when new features are available such as the shot counter feature. The Mepro foresight, first of its kind, provides greater technical advantages by allowing the user to utilize the double shoot app which provides benefits not seen before on an optic. Automatic digital zeroing without touching the optic by shooting a multi-shot group and taking a photo of the grouping to the app. The system analyzes your mean point of impact and zeroes the weapon automatically. Real-time projected data provides the shooter with critical data needed to assist in accurate shot placement, and all using a wide crisp viewing window.


Store up to 10 zeroing weapon profiles or user profiles
Upload previously-stored profiles from your mobile App to the sight
A rich selection of reticles for all tactical scenarios
Frequent firmware updates and features
Automatic digital zeroing using double shoot App
Daytime, high transparency optics
Large display window
Motion sensor
Highly durable structure
Auto shut-off/auto power-resume energy saving system

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