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Meprolight MicroRDS Kit Reflex Sight 3 MOA Red Dot Black Color Fits HK VP9 Includes Specialized TruDot Replacement Night Sights QD Mount – 88070505

Original price was: $439.99.Current price is: $399.99.

Technological advances in design and manufacturing made it possible for full-size red dot rifle optics to be reduced in size to fit pistols. However, there were three options- buy a new gun, have a gunsmith mill your slide or go without-if the gun was not optics ready. Meprolight’s engineering team solved this dilemma with the patented quick-detach (QD) adaptor Kit that utilizes the existing rear dovetail slot for sights to mount the adaptor to hold the Mepro microRDS or any other red dot optic on the market. It is the only mounting solution to have quick mount and dismount without having to re-zero the pistol. Now almost every pistol can use a red dot optic without the need to drill and tap mounting holes on barrels or slides. The adaptor mounts directly to a Meprolight TruDot(TM), self-illuminated sight which also functions as a back-up sight should the shooter want to remove the red dot optic. It can be placed back on the gun without having to re-zero the sight. The latest member of Meprolight’s extensive family-line of electro-optical precision red dot sights is the Mepro microRDS. Designed as a primary pistol optic; it can also serve as a backup or a secondary CQB sight on rifles and shotguns. The small- durable yet lightweight- pistol optic features a 3.0 MOA red dot which allows for quick target acquisition. The energy-efficient sight is powered by a single CR2032 battery that can be changed when needed without removing the sight from the gun. The large sight window provides greater FOV with both eyes open in any lighting condition-day, low-light or nighttime. Meprolight’s mounting solutions allow you to simply attach the Mepro microRDS to almost any model pistol, without needing to re-zero when removing and putting back into the same slot.

One sight fits all platforms – handguns, rifles, and shotguns
Clear aiming point for all light conditions
Patented, quick detach mount
Mepro microRDS mounts directly to Meprolight’s TruDot(TM)
self-illuminated pistol sights
Self-illuminated backup night sight
Battery change does not require removal of sight from
pistol slide. Keeps the sight zeroed at all times
No need for co-witness tall sights