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Tannerite’s Gender Reveal Boom Box is everything you need for a gender reveal with Color Blaze’s colored powder and a 1 lb. Tannerite® brand binary rifle target, all wrapped up in one beautiful package.

SURPRISE! The powder is concealed so no one will know what color is inside.
Just open the perforated flap on the front of the box and mix the target according to directions.
Box contains Color Blaze’s pink colored powder and a one-pound Tannerite® brand target. Directions are printed on the box and on the target.


Cornstarch and dye used in most gender reveal powder is flammable when exposed to friction. This can cause an unwanted fire if used with energetic targets of any kind. PLEASE be very careful to place your target in a location that does not have anything flammable nearby that could catch fire, such as dry brush or grass. Please plan accordingly and follow all local fire codes. You don’t want the wrong kind of surprise at a special time in life.


Some counties in the State of California may require an explosive or destructive device permit for use of binary rifle targets. The purchaser of a Tannerite Brand Binary Rifle target kit should inquire with the local county sheriff’s department about the need for a permit prior to using.